*Not All who Wander are Lost*

Monday, February 26, 2007

Achy Monday

Feel like crap today. Everything aches. Skin hurts, muscles are sore. I hope I don't really have anything since I had lunch with Marcella and Baby. Marcella is fun to chat with, and Baby is so adorable!

I don't want to work on zine website with not feeling well, I'll screw something up knowing me.

Everyone else is gone now, just me in the office. Nice and quiet, but I have a couple more hours to go to stay awake. Ugh.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blue Sharpies

My favorite color is blue, so naturally my favorite Sharpie is a blue Sharpie.

We went to the renaissance festival yesterday, and had a really nice time. I splurged and got myself a hand-made, leather bound journal. Not cheap but well worth it.

Today I had a movie fund raiser (watch a movie of your choice, give money to this one particular charity). Besides my sister and I, only one other person showed up. Oh well! We had fun anyway. We watched "Music and Lyrics" and really enjoyed it, and then had lunch at Olive Garden.

So it was a good weekend.