*Not All who Wander are Lost*

Thursday, November 27, 2008

paper mache figure

This is my first attempt at making a paper mache figure. I decided he is a wizard, though I haven't figured out his name yet. He isn't finished yet, so this is just the starting photos of him.

Wire frame on pillow

first layer of paper mache clay

More clay, one boot, and his staff.

I'm noticing that lately I'm having trouble getting steady photos. I know I've had jiggly problems in the past, but this seems to be more constant. It's annoying!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I've decided that my first paper mache sculpture is a wizard. He's not anywhere near being done. Got more work to do, and of course this evening I've spent not accomplishing much at all.

I'm wondering if I should try my hand at making a unicorn for my sister-in-law for Christmas. Or should I just stick to the Family Calendar plan, and see how I do as a sculpture artist. Artiste. I crack me up!

I was reading the webpage of that Louie Rochon. What an interesting person! Like, wow. What a life!

Having to work a regular day job really sucks! Eats up too much freaking time! But it is nice to have money for cat food and soda. :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

another day in paradise

Fateful trip to Michaels on Sunday. Saw this book on paper mache art dolls. Book was over $20, and I've already wreaked serious damage on my budget this payday, so no book for me. However, I look at the book, show book to my sister. Dear Sister says, "you can do that easy." I'm thinking, you know, this would be really fun. It could combine other things I love like painting, beads, strange abstract thoughts... LOL

We already have the wire for the body frame. Dear Sister already had some of the paper mache type clay. And it's not hard to make paper mache. Got paint. Got beads. Got scrap fabric, yarn, etc...

So Sunday evening I started my first person. Don't know what "he" will turn out to be yet. I'm thinking it'll need a staff, the way one hand is already angled. Maybe I'll get one of those little birdies made from styrofoam and feathers to put on the other hand. I could do a kind of Winter Solstice Santa...? Or a wizard.

See, first person is already "artistic". My sister said this with a smile. One arm is longer than the other, one foot is bigger, the head is kind of an odd shape. LOL

I've been taking photos as I go along so I will post those soon. This is fun.