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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Artistic stuff, and quiltathon pictures

This is proof of my having attended the Tucson Quilt Guild's 2007 "Quiltathon". All quilts made for this are given to charity.

This is me hard at work. Note how focussed I am.

This was a table devoted to tying quilts. Karen in the red cap, Kathy
standing up. Mary, my sister, is on the end on the right. I don't
recall the lady's name who sat beside me... Dottie? This was
Tuesday evening, 8/8/07.

Okay, this is the collage I did for Tessa's retirement.

For Tessa's retirement, some pictures of activities
in the department, Jen's wedding, and her baby
boy, Joaquin. The lady in pink symbolizes Tessa's
walking for cancer fundraising.

The collage is mixed media done on an art canvas. Acrylic paint, Mod Podge, some spray stuff I was trying out, various art papers. Of course I missed some people like Lupe and Laura, but I'll get them another time.

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