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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Wow, time sure flies! Here it is 2008 already. I had a good Christmas. It was really different too - spent a lot of time alone.

This "blue diamond" as I call it, is one of the quilts at the quilt show. This is just a small shot of the center of the quilt. It's really quite large altogether. I'm not sure who the artist is that created it, but I will find out. I should have brought a brochure home with me!

So this weekend is the quilt show for the Tucson Quilter's Guild, and I'm helping out with that... helping my sister mainly, she does the quilt show photo cd's. She has a doll in this year, it's the first time they've taken journal quilts and soft sculpture items.

This is what I call "the Dead Farmer and his Wife". It's one of the quilts at the show, and no I did NOT make this. I believe it's by Nancy Arsenault, but I'm not 100% positive.

There are so many amazing quilts! Well, they are all amazing. Some are just a tad more amazing than others. :)

I'm hoping to put something in next year... a journal quilt I think!

My one big purchase at the quilt show is the "Beyond Paper Dolls" book by Lynne Perrella. It is a really interesting book.

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