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Thursday, November 27, 2008

paper mache figure

This is my first attempt at making a paper mache figure. I decided he is a wizard, though I haven't figured out his name yet. He isn't finished yet, so this is just the starting photos of him.

Wire frame on pillow

first layer of paper mache clay

More clay, one boot, and his staff.

I'm noticing that lately I'm having trouble getting steady photos. I know I've had jiggly problems in the past, but this seems to be more constant. It's annoying!


Paper Mache Fanatic said...

Hi Maggie,

You've made a great start on your wizard. I have a few questions -

Are you using paper pulp? If so, how do you keep it from sliding down the wires? And do you mix it up yourself, or do you buy a mix of some kind?

I think your photos are better than mine - I usually show a huge mess of paper scraps and glue behind mine. But I figure the mess is part of the fun...

I'll keep checking back to see your progress, because the visitors of my blog at Ultimate Paper Mache would like to see it. People come to see my paper mache dragon, and anyone interested in dragons has to love wizards, too.

Maggie Dragonmoon said...

Thank you! I've been using this paper mache clay that I got at Michaels. My sister suggested it. It's called "Creative Paper Clay".

Well, first I covered the wire frame with paper and masking tape. I think next time I'll use less masking tape. Then I started applying the first layer of the clay.

I want to try making my own pulp. I found a recipe for it online that sounds do-able. Usually I am rather messy. I have my markers all over the computer desk. And yarn! I have yarn everywhere! LOL

Thank you, and I'm going to check out your blog. Yes, wizards and dragons kind of go together, don't they? :)

Gene Black said...

Oh my, that looks like fun, but dang it I don't have time to add more to my "to do list".

When I retire, I want to try dong this!!!

Maggie Dragonmoon said...

It's fun, Gene! You would enjoy it!