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Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Day of Fall

Today I went to the TAWN Fall Fest. It is held at the UU Church on 22nd, just east of Swan. Kind of odd to have a pagan festival at a "church" but it works really good. This year the festival seemed to be more active and better attended. More vendors, more people coming through.

My friends John and KC banded together, and shared a booth. John is "Left Hand Asylum" and KC is part of "D Eclectic Gifts." They seemed to do very well together, and easily sold enough to cover the cost of the booth. I helped out some but mostly I had fun.

One of these years, I'll get my act together, have my own products, and my own business. One of these years. (laughter is appropriate here)

School is going well! I have a 3.8 grade average. At least no math for now! Yay!

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